Year 2007

An exceptionally mild (and wet) winter preceded a warm, sunny and dry spring and then a lousy, cool, wet and dull summer though August 'sort' of saved the day. Then followed a very dry and settled autumn. No floods or anything out of the ordinary rainfall wise. The complete absence of any settled, warm weather from the 12th June until the 29th July was, depressingly, the only notable weather feature of the summer. Though June did get off to a very warm start and August ended with some hot and sunny weather the summer overall was the worst I have ever known. Potatoes and tomatoes in the garden and allotment were ravaged by blight, something which has not happened here (according to the locals) in living memory.

Despite the poor summer the year had a mean temperature of 11.2C which is the same as 2006. Sea surface temperatures in Lyme Bay did not get as high as 2006 (21.1C) but still achieved a respectable 20.0C around the end of August/early September.

Main Summary


Bluebells & wild garlic

Summer in the spring: bluebells and wild garlic being bathed in warm sunshine during one the warmest and sunniest Aprils ever recorded.

Mean Max 15.9 oC  
Mean Min 6.6 oC  
Mean 11.2 oC  
High Max 29.4 oC 25th August
Low Max 2.3 oC 20th December
High Min 15.5 oC 4th August
Low Min -4.8 oC 24th November

Grass Min


oC 23rd December
Rain Total


Rain Days >0.2 161  Days  
Rain Days >1.0 114  Days  
Rainfall Duration 359  Hours  

Max 24 hrs


 mm 27th May
Air Frost 24  Days  
Snow Falling 0  Days  
Snow (50%) @ 9am 0  Days  
Thunder Heard 14  Days  
Hail <5 mm 2  Days  
Hail >5 mm 0  Days  
Fog @ 9am 2  Days  
Total monthly sunshine 1723.3  Hours*  
Most sunshine in a day 14.9  Hours 31st July
Sunless days 28  Days  
Mean Soil Temperature @ 30 cm 11.6 oC  
Mean Soil Temperature @ 100 cm 11.4 oC  
Wind >39 mph 1  Day  
N 46.1  Days  
NE 53.6  Days  
E 21.3  Days  
SE 48.3  Days  
S 42.9  Days  
SW 31.4  Days  
W 67.1  Days  
NW 46.0  Days  
Calm 107.8  Days  
Mean Wind 3.7  mph  
Max Gust


 mph 2nd December
Cloud cover 49 %  
Mean RH @ 9am 88.5 %  
Rain Duration >0.1mm/hour 359.0  Hours  
Frost Duration 147.3  Hours  
Mean Pressure @ 9am 1016.7  mb  
Max Pressure 1038.6  mb 3rd February
Min Pressure 978.7  mb 12th February

*Total annual sunshine amounts are likely to be slightly lower than actual due to partial obstruction of sunlight to the sensor. This was rectified from September onwards.