Summer 2009

An organic wheat field in the Otter Valley near Tipton St John on a warm, humid but unsettled day in August.
A wheat field in the Otter Valley near Tipton St John on a warm, humid but unsettled day in August.
Summary for Summer 2009
Mean Max: 20.8 oC  
Mean Min: 12.3 oC  
Mean: 16.5 oC  
High Max: 28.5 oC 3rd Jun
Low Max: 14.4 oC  
High Min: 17.2 oC  
Low Min: 5.6 oC 8th Jun
Mean Grass Min: 10.0 oC  
Grass Min: 3.1 oC 8th Jun
Rain Total (gauge): 245.9 mm  
Rain Total (tipping bucket): 243.0 mm  
Rain Days >0.2: 45 Days  
Rain Days >1.0: 35 Days  
Max 24 hrs: 27.0 mm 29th Jul
Days without any rain: 47 Days  
Air Frost: 0 Days  
Ground Frost: 0 Days  
Snow Falling: 0 Days  
Snow (50%) @ 9am: 0 Days  
Thunder Heard: 5 Days  
Hail <5 mm: 0 Days  
Hail >5 mm: 0 Days  
Fog @ 9am: 0 Days  
Total Summer Sunshine: 508:29 h:m  
Total Summer Sunshine: 508.2 Hours  
Most Sunshine in a Day: 15:37  Hours 2nd Jun
Average Daily Sunshine: 05:31  Hours  
Sunless Days: 3 Days  
Cloudless Days: 13 Days  
Total Possible Sunshine: 1450:07 h:m  
Percentage of Total Sun: 35 %  
Mean Soil Temp @ 30 cm: 16.0 oC  
Min Soil Temp @ 30 cm: 13.8 oC  
Max Soil Temp @ 30 cm: 20.2 oC  
Mean Soil Temp @ 100 cm: 14.8 oC  
Min Soil Temp @ 100 cm: 13.0 oC  
Max Soil Temp @ 100 cm: 17.3 oC  
Wind >39 mph:


N: 1.99 Days  
NE: 4.85 Days  
E: 7.91 Days  
SE: 25.20 Days  
S: 11.68 Days  
SW: 10.26 Days  
W: 19.42 Days  
NW: 2.80 Days  
Calm: 31.42 Days  
Mean Wind: 3.6 mph  
Max Gust: 34 mph 17th Jul
Mean Cloud Cover: 56 %  
Mean RH @ 9am: 84 %  
Rain Duration >0.1mm/hour: 119.5 Hours  
Frost Duration: 0.0 Hours  
Max Frost Duration in 24hrs: 0.0 Hours  
Mean Sea Temperature: 16.8 oC  
Normal for Summer:


Max Sea Temperature: 20.3 oC  
Min Sea Temperature: 14.5 oC  
Mean Pressure @ 9am: 1017.8 hPa  
Mean Pressure: 1015.1 hPa  
Max Pressure: 1028.4 hPa 23rd Jun
Min Pressure: 997.0 hPa 7th Jun
Max Dewpoint: 18.4 oC 4th Aug
Min Dewpoint: 2.4 oC 8th Jun
Mean Dewpoint: 11.4 oC  
Max Humidity: 100 %  
Min Humidity: 35 % 2nd Jun
Mean Humidity: 75 %  


After a warm and dry June things went downhill with a very unsettled, cool and wet July. There was an improvement in August but it still remained quite cloudy.

Yet another generally unsettled summer with cool, wet weather all through July and at times during August. Only June was reasonably settled with some warm days, though even this month was often quite cloudy. Average maximum and minimum temperatures of 20.8C & 12.3C with an overall mean of 16.5C making this the warmest summer since 2006.

Total rainfall was 246 mm which is more than last year but drier than 2007.
A rather un-thundery summer, and any thunder that was heard all occurred in June.
Sunshine total was only 508 hours which is substantially less than either 2007 and 2008.
Soil temperatures were generally around normal.
Wind directions were dominant from the south-east showing the impact of sea breezes which were very common this summer despite being generally unsettled.
Rain duration was 119.5 hours, most of which was from July.
As expected, sea temperatures gradually rose through the Summer and ended up slightly above normal.
Overall mean pressure was below normal.
Dewpoints were significantly low at times due to the dominance of dry, cool air.
The dry, cool air during this Summer meant that average relative humidity ended up being slightly below normal.

Graphs for Summer 2009

Figure 1. Temperature and Rainfall for Summer 2009.
Figure 2. Sunshine, air pressure and mean wind speed for Summer 2009. Note that for the 5th to the 16th of April no readings were taken and the total sunshine for that period was averaged across those dates.
Figure 3. Wind direction for Summer 2009.
Figure 4. Soil & sea surface temperature (SST) for Lyme Bay for Summer 2009.