Winter 2018/19
The Triassic cliffs just east of Sidmouth on a bright January day
Warmer and a little drier than normal with slightly below average sunshine.
Summary for Winter 2018/19
Mean Max: 10.8C (+1.5C)
Mean Min: 4.0C (+0.8C)
Mean: 7.4C (+1.2C)
High Max: 16.3C 27th Feb
Low Max: 3.2C 1st Feb
High Min: 13.1C 2nd Dec
Low Min: -5.2C 3rd Feb
Mean Grass Min: 0.6C  
Grass Min: -8.3C 3rd Feb
Days  >15C 3 Days  
Days  >10C 62 Days  
Days  >5C 88 Days  
Nights  <-5C 1 Day  
Rain Total (gauge): 210.1 mm  90%
Rain Total (tipping bucket): 193.2 mm  
Rain Days >0.2 mm: 40 Days  
Rain Days >1.0 mm: 33 Days  
Max 24 hrs: 22.0 mm 15th Dec
Days without any rain: 50  
Air Frost: 21 Days  
Grass Frost: 44 Days  
Snow Falling: 3 Days  
Snow (50%) @ 9am: 1 Day  
Ice Days: 0 Days  
Thunder Heard: 1 Day  
Hail <5 mm: 2 Days  
Hail >5 mm: 0 Days  
Fog @ 9am: 1 Day  
Total Annual Sunshine: 249.9 Hours 98%
Most Sunshine in a Day: 10.2 Hours 27th Feb
Average Daily Sunshine: 2.8 Hours  
Sunless Days: 22 Days  
Cloudless Days: 7 Days  
Total Possible Sunshine: 795 Hours  
Percentage of Total Sun: 31%  
Average Sunny Interval: 41 mins
Maximum UV Index: 2.2 25th Feb
Time of Max UV:   13:00
Mean Soil Temp @ 30 cm: 7.4C  
Min Soil Temp @ 30 cm: 3.1C 3rd Feb
Max Soil Temp @ 30 cm: 10.6C 3rd Dec
Mean Soil Temp @ 100 cm: 7.7C  
Min Soil Temp @ 100 cm: 4.3C 3rd Feb
Max Soil Temp @ 100 cm: 10.4C 7th Dec
Ave 10 Min Wind >39 mph: 0.00 Days  
N: 11.6 Days  
NE: 2.2 Days  
E: 2.7 Days  
SE: 13.7 Days  
S: 14.5 Days  
SW: 18.1 Days  
W: 7.3 Days  
NW: 14.9 Days  
Calm: 5.2 Days  
Wind Chill Low: -7.7C 3rd Feb
Mean Wind: 3.8 mph  
Max Gust: 55 mph 7th Feb
Mean Cloud Cover: 60%  
Mean RH @ 9am: 92%  
Rain >0.1mm/hour: 63 Hours  
Frost Duration: 125 Hours  
Air Frost in a Day: 13.8 Hours 10th Jan
Mean Sea Temperature: 10.4C (+1.2C)
Winter Average: 9.2C  
Max Sea Temperature: 12.6C 2nd Dec
Min Sea Temperature: 7.9C 3rd Feb
Mean Pressure: 1018.0 hPa  
Max Pressure: 1044.1 hPa 2nd Jan
Min Pressure: 980.6 hPa 31st Jan
Max Change in 24 hours: 27.0 hPa 26th Jan
Radiation Daily Mean: 0.61 MJ/m  
Max Daily Value: 7.68 MJ/m 26th Feb
Min Daily Value: 0.24 MJ/m 18th Dec
Number of Days with Data: 90 Days  
1-Hour Maximum: 617 W/m 28th Feb
Starting Time of the Hour:   13:00
Max Dewpoint: 13.2C 1st Dec
Min Dewpoint: -6.3C 3rd Feb
Mean Dewpoint: 5.4C  
Max Humidity: 100%  
Min Humidity: 35% 25th Feb
Mean Humidity: 88%