Otter Valley Webcam Video Gallery (2014)
Time-lapse videos of the eastern sky above the Otter Valley, Devon
10th April 2014: A fine day under the influence of high pressure. Though it is a misty start, soon the low cloud clears and fair weather cumulus builds giving a wonderful spectacle of the swirling, convectional nature of this cloud.
27th March 2014: An easterly wind brings showers but also a lovely clearance at 50 seconds into the video. This time-lapse video was taken with a Pentax K5 digital SLR camera set to take a photo every 5 seconds. Each of the 3000 photos makes up one frame and the video speed is at 25 frames per second.
23rd March 2014: A brisk westerly wind (maritime polar air) brings an afternoon of blue skies and cumulus (high definition available).
17th March 2014 Part 1: The sun tries to break through but doesn't quite make it.


17th March 2014 Part 2: The sun manages to break through the cloud but only for a while.


15th March 2014: A cloudy start then the sun gradually gets to work and by midday the sky clears.


25th February 2014: A day of sunny intervals and cumulus racing by on a brisk westerly wind.


18th February 2014: A cloudy, rainy start to the day but this soon clears.