This month so far.......
Jacob's Ladder Beach, Sidmouth

A display of the highs and lows of this month.
(updated at 9:00 on the 8/4/20)
Note that these figures are taken from the automatic weather station and may differ slightly from the manual readings taken daily at 09:00 using standard thermometers and a 5" rain gauge

  Temperature Low

-1.1C on the 1/4/20

Temperature & Rainfall for Last 7 Days

Temperature High

17.2C on the 6/4/20

  Temperature Average 9.7C so far this month
  Relative Humidity Low 44% on the 7/4/20
  Relative Humidity High 99% on the 4/4/20
  Relative Humidity Average 83% so far this month
  Dewpoint Low -1.9C on the 1/4/20
  Dewpoint High 12.0C on the 5/4/20
Mean Wind Speed & Air Pressure for Last 7 Days
  Dewpoint Average 6.7C so far this month
  Pressure Low 1004.3 hPa on the 5/4/20
  Pressure High 1026.7 hPa on the 7/4/20
  Pressure Average 1017.1 hPa so far this month
  Wind Gust High 19 mph on the 2/4/20
  Wind Average 3 mph so far this month
Soil Temperatures for Last 30 Days
  Wind Chill Low -3.9C on the 1/4/20
  Wind Run 601 miles so far this month
Total Monthly Rainfall 1.4 mm so far
UV Index High 4.6 on the 2/4/20
Solar Radiation High 863 W/m on the 1/4/20
Solar Radiation Average 147 W/m so far this month

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