Home Page A 'fish-eye' view of the sky and south-eastern horizon.  
A view of the southern sky over the Otter Valley in Devon. Available during daylight hours.
The webcam has a 'fish-eye' lens fitted and gives a 170 viewing angle
The white pole (top-left) is the lightning detector aerial and the black cone shaped object (middle-right) is the top of the wood burner flue.
Current webcam resolution is 1280x720, click here for a 1920x1080 image
Temperature: -0.6C (1.3C/hr) @ 4:00 Wind Direction: South at 0 mph
Current Dewpoint = -0.7C & Humidity = 99%
Dewpoint high today = -0.7C
Current UV Index = 0.0
UV high today was 0.0 at 0:00
Otter Valley Webcam Time-lapse Videos
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Refresh this page to get the latest image, otherwise this page will automatically refresh every 2 minutes. Note that the webcam will automatically turn off overnight.

This is a webcam photograph of the sky above the Otter Valley near Newton Poppleford and Sidmouth taken every few minutes by the Otter Valley Weather station. These images are then stitched together to form a time lapse webcam video which can viewed from this website via an upload to YouTube.