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May 2018 warmth

Still a way to go to beat my warmest May which was in 2008 with a mean temperature of 14.9C.

Despite the warmth of the days, cold nights in the first half of the month have brought the mean temperature down and is unlikely to beat May 2008.

My mean maximum temperature is now at 19.7C and likely to rise further, if so then that will be the warmest I’ve recorded for May.

Sunshine now at 244 hours, this is my highest figure for May.

May 25th 2018

Today the coast here remained pretty much cloud free all afternoon but a mile or two inland and it was clouded out and yet there was no sea breeze. Why was convection inhibited along the coast and hinterland but the breeze was from the NW as opposed to the south (sea breeze direction)!

A maximum of 23.7C and with DPs around 16.0C the air has become slightly more humid feeling. A minimum of 12.8C overnight is helping in dragging the mean minimum temperatures for this month to something less cold.

This May is now my sunniest since I started recording sunshine in 2006. Over 8 hours of sunshine today has pushed the total passed 237 hours.

No rain since the 11th and the monthly total is at 19.0 mm. That could all change tomorrow if we cop a thunderstorm.

May 2018 – Cool nights so far

With the exception of last night (minimum of 10.9C), most nights have been on the cold side this month though no frosts (thankfully).

My mean minimum temperature (1st – 16th) is now at 6.0C which is well over 2C below my very estimated LTA.

Meanwhile my mean maximum is at 18.7C, which is 2.0C above my eLTA and brings the month to within 0.2C of normal. Given the forecast and the 2nd half of May usually being much warmer than the 1st half, I suspect this month’s overall mean will end up well-above average.

Sunny May 2018

After rather disappointing sunshine amounts in March & April, this May is all-change and the sunshine levels have shot up.

Over the last 12 years, there has been little to distinguish between the average sunshine for April & May (196 & 198 hours), probably due to a run of quite cloudy Mays.

Not this May so far. The sunshine total (1st – 14th) is now at 124 hours (up to 19:30 today).

My sunniest May was in 2016 with 237 hours. The first two weeks of that month recorded 97.1 hours, so we’re well up on that.

With a deep blue, cloudless sky today and not a hint of even any contrails, the searing sunlight was tempered a little by a sea breeze.

The sun’s elevation is now approaching 60 degrees and the sunlight has started to take on that ‘tropical’ intensity. The grass certainly feels it as it is already starting to scorch and go a little brown where the sun is on it all day.

A big temperature variation (for here) today:
Minimum = 3.2C
Maximum = 22.5C
Variation = 19.3C

Sunny May so far

Sunshine levels have recovered to something more normal this May after the fairly cloudy months of March & April. Sunshine for May has just passed 110 hours (1st – 13th) which is actually a little above normal. I would expect around 200 hours of sunshine for the month as a whole.

Three gloriously sunny days

A maximum of 24.9C at 13:45 today before the sea breeze gathered strength and cooled things down a little.

I cannot think of a more stunning 3 days with perfect temperatures and humidity. Fell asleep in the hammock this afternoon listening to the skylark and thrush singing their little hearts out. The cooling breeze bringing in scents of the sea and taking the edge of that scorching sunshine. Magical.

Summary for April 2018

A wet and very dull month but warmer than average.

Mean Max: 14.8ºC (+1.6ºC)
Mean Min: 7.2ºC (+2.2ºC)
Mean: 11.0ºC (+1.9ºC)

High Max: 25.2ºC 19th
Low Max: 9.0ºC 1st
High Min: 11.1ºC 18th
Low Min: 0.8ºC 5th
Grass Min: -2.2ºC 5th

Rain Total (gauge): 81.6 mm (134%)
Rain Days >0.2 mm: 13 Days
Rain Days >1.0 mm: 11 Days
Max 24 hrs: 12.4 mm 10th
Days without any rain: 18

Total Monthly Sunshine: 128.9 Hours (65%)
Most Sunshine in a Day: 13.2 Hours 19th
Average Daily Sunshine: 4.2 Hours
Sunless Days: 4 Days
Cloudless Days: 3 Days
Total Possible Sunshine: 429.9 Hours
Percentage of Total Sun: 30%