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More Needed July Rain

A further 12.9 mm of rain today brings the monthly total to nearly the long term average with 42.9 mm. Even though rainfall is now just about normal for July, after a bone-dry June and with the higher temperatures and sunshine, the soil moisture deficit has been high. Given the forecast of a return to hot and sunny weather, today’s rain will probably have all but disappeared and made little difference by the middle of the week. Still, it filled the water butts!

The Warmth of July 2018

Yet another warm day with a maximum of 27.2°C. Still a week to go before the end of the month but the mean temperature is currently at 19.8°C. This is just 0.3°C below my all-time warmest ever month of July 2006. It is going to be close.

The warmth and humidity this afternoon brought out a wonderful sight of countless flying ants swarming up into the beautiful blue summer skies from their nests in the ground. What a stunning spectacle and something I haven’t seen on such a scale since I was a child.

19th July – Summer’s Back

After a couple of much cooler (21.6C & 22.2C) and fairly cloudy days, things are back to normal today with unbroken sunshine all afternoon and a maximum of 27.2C. That’s better, I was getting worried.

On this day in 2006, it was the hottest day of the warmest month I have recorded. A maximum of 30.8C on the 19th July 2006 with the monthly mean ending up at 20.1C. That hottest day record stood until last year when I recorded 31.1C on the 20th June.

Unless things seriously warm up again, this month is not likely to beat July 2006 for warmth:

1st – 19th July 2018:
Mean minimum = 13.2C
Mean maximum = 25.8C
Mean = 19.5C
Rain = 21.4 mm
Sun = 192 hours.

July 16th – No rain from a cold front

Where was my rain!?! Not even a drop here. That cold front was so weak and fragmented it didn’t even manage to blot out all the blue so even the sun kept shining from time to time.
Not even a drop in temperature as the CF went through at 14:30 but ever since then the humidity has been going down and down. Now (19:00) 22C and a DP of 11C, the DP hasn’t been that low for a while. Given a sea breeze tomorrow it’ll be back up.
Over 6 hours of sunshine so far today.
Soil moisture at 30 cm now at 60 cb in the garden. That’s very dry for my sandy soil. No wonder the hills around here resemble something more akin to the Costas.

First Half of July – What a Sizzler

Excellent visibility today with a pristine deep blue sky and not even a hint of any haze/contrail/cloud anywhere.

A strong sea breeze has been blowing since mid-morning keeping the temperature pegged back a little but the humidity high, such is the warmth of the sea now. The last time the sea felt this warm was in August 2005.

Unbroken, scorching sunshine got the temperature up to 26.1C.

I see there was a sea-breeze convergence line down the spine of the peninsula this afternoon.

Pressure falling though I am still doubtful we’re going to get much rain here tomorrow to green the brown countryside.

Nearly half-way through the month and what a sizzler:
1st – 15th July
Mean minimum = 13.6C
Mean maximum = 26.3C
Mean = 20.0C
Rain = 21.4 mm (of which 19.1 mm fell in one spell of thundery rain)
Sunshine = 164 hours.

July Sunshine

Another glorious day of cloudless skies and unbroken sun. A maximum of 26C yesterday, I suspect we might beat that today. This July is turning out not only to be a warm one, but also sunny with 156 hours of sunshine (1st – 14th). My sunniest July was in 2013 with 328 hours.

July 4th – Pesky Low Pressure

Just as I was getting used (and loving) to our new Mediterranean climate (I wish), things have gone all awry down ‘ere on the normally sunny(ish) shores of south Devonshire.

That funny little low pressure (what’s that all about then?) stuck with its centre just to the west of Cornwall has been a nuisance for several days now. Today was the worst of all days with intermittent drizzle and sea fog, and a maximum of only 16C early this afternoon made me reach for the heater (and not the air conditioning) on a drive back from Exeter.

I wish it (the low pressure) would b*gger off!

The day wasn’t a complete miserable affair as the sun did come out early evening and warm things up a little to 20.6C.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better (it couldn’t have got much worse…. maybe 7th July 2012 was….).