Real warmth & humidity ebbing away…..

Another lovely day with oodles of sunshine and warmth. A maximum of 25.5C and feeling a little humid with a DP of around 18C.

In the last couple of hours all that warmth and humidity has ebbed away and now replaced by something that feels decidedly cool. Stayed mostly sunny throughout the transition.

Temperature (now at 19:30) 18.3C, sunny with a DP of just 11.3C. I guess dinner later on will not be outside. That’ll be a novelty, eating indoors, who’d have thought.

I see the models are backtracking on a wet weekend for us here in the deep south and seem to be keen on bringing back something more usual for this summer; warmth and moderate humidity.

Really oppressive, sticky days have been few and far between this year with DPs mostly between 15C & 18C. That’s the same for the lack of any very high UV levels. Not even reached 9.0 this year, most unusual but not surprising given the lack of low pressure.

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