Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Year So Far

1st January – 30th September 2018

Mean max = 17.3C
Mean min = 7.6C
Mean = 12.5C
Rain = 520 mm
Sun = 1652 hours

Snow falling = 7 days
Snow lying = 4 days
Air frost = 31 days
Ground frost = 62 days

These data all look around the average though maybe the number of air and ground frosts are higher than I would expect. Snow falling days are high; they’re usually 2 or less.

27th September 2018 – Large Temperature Inversion

A huge temperature inversion here in the Otter Valley this morning. Left home about 8:30 and the car thermometer was showing just 3°C but this rose abruptly to 14°C halfway up Four Elms Hill between here and Sidmouth.

Normally the inversion boundary yields a temperature difference of 4°C or 5°C at most – not 11°C!

Also it is quite interesting to note that as you meet the inversion boundary the car’s windows suddenly mist up. I’ve got used to it now and expect it whenever there is an inversion but when I first encountered it, I was a bit shocked to suddenly lose sight of the road as all the windows (and door mirrors) mist up on the outside whilst driving up the hills on either side of the valley.

A maximum of 22.8°C and unbroken sunshine all day. Temperature held back a little by a sea breeze that started early this afternoon.

Sunshine recovering at 157 hours but still a way to go to get to the average for the month so far.

Stunning late summer’s day (or is that early autumn…)

A totally stunning day with a pristine, deep blue sky all day and ending up surprisingly warm after a chilly start.

A maximum of 22.3C and 11.3 hours of sunshine.

A sea breeze sparked up at 13:30 with a sudden wind-shift from the NNW to the south and an accompanying increase in the breeze from barely anything (0 to 2 mph) to a steady 9 mph. The temperature also fell back a couple of degrees.

All calm now and the temperature isn’t dropping away like previous nights. A warmer day on the cards for tomorrow then.

Dry September So far

3.8 mm of rain here so far this month though it is raining (lightly) at the moment. The front lawn has gone partially brown again though over the last week or so; there are dead patches that never recovered from the June/July drought. I will have to re-seed those areas.

Soil moisture at 30 cm is now the same as at the end of July. It was very windy, warm and sunny yesterday and the dust blowing around was something you don’t often see here in Blighty.

Looking at the rainfall radar, a possible 5+ mm to come.

I’ve noticed a few native trees are changing leaf colour. This is unusually early, possibly the earliest I’ve ever known. Normally you don’t really start to see any autumnal colour until well into October. Most of the photos I’ve taken over the last few years showing the autumn colour at its best have been taken early to mid-November.