Summary of September 2018

Mean temperature, rainfall and sunshine all around the average in what was a rather non-average month with wide variations throughout. Mostly a dry month except for 4 days (20th – 23rd) when 47.0 mm of rain fell, that’s 91% of the monthly total. A notable windy spell for September from the 16th – 21st in what was otherwise a calm month. Highest September pressure recorded on the 24th with 1039.5 hPa. A run of very cold nights from the 24th – 30th. Coldest September day on record on the 22nd with 12.7C. I could go on….. So a very interesting month even if the statistics show otherwise.

Mean Max: 20.3ºC
Mean Min: 9.6ºC
Mean: 15.0ºC

High Max: 25.9ºC 3rd
Low Max: 12.7ºC 22nd
High Min: 17.0ºC 2nd
Low Min: 1.3ºC 25th
Grass Min: 0.6ºC 25th

Days >20°C 18 Days
Days >15°C 29 Days
Nights >10°C 14 Days
Nights >5°C 23 Days

Rain Total (gauge): 51.9 mm
Rain Days >0.2 mm: 7 Days
Rain Days >1.0 mm: 6 Days
Max 24 hrs: 25.6 mm 22nd
Days without any rain: 23

Thunder Heard: 0 Days
Hail <5 mm: 0 Days
Hail >5 mm: 0 Days
Fog @ 9am: 0 Days

Total Monthly Sunshine: 178.6 Hours
Most Sunshine in a Day: 11.3 Hours 26th
Average Daily Sunshine: 6.0 Hours
Sunless Days: 1 Day 22nd
Cloudless Days: 3 Days
Total Possible Sunshine: 378.5 Hours
Percentage of Total Sun: 47%
Average Sunny Interval: 18.8 mins

Ave 10 Min Wind >39 mph: 0.00 Days
Calm: 5.97 Days 22%
Mean Wind: 3.4 mph
Max Gust: 42 mph 21st

Mean Pressure: 1021.1 hPa
Max Pressure: 1039.5 hPa 24th
Min Pressure: 998.3 hPa 21st

Max Dewpoint: 19.5ºC 11th
Min Dewpoint: 0.4ºC 25th
Mean Dewpoint: 11.2ºC

Max Humidity: 100% 26th
Min Humidity: 32% 26th
Mean Humidity: 80%

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