A windy day thanks to Storm Callum

Not quite as windy here in this reasonably sheltered river valley spot as other areas of the South West but we are exposed somewhat to the south (the coast) and the wind was frequently gusting over 40 mph with one gust reaching 52 mph. This is the highest wind speed I have recorded this year.

Rain has mainly been in the form of drizzle but there have been the odd heavier bursts. Today’s rain now up to 15.6 mm. Monthly total at 25.2 mm.

Wind has eased off a little recently but still hovering around 25 to 35 mph. A few trees and large branches down here and there. Exmouth seafront was impassable in places due to flooding from the waves crashing over the wall. Any cars left alongside the Esplanade in Sidmouth will have been totally pebble-dashed by now. Dangerous to walk along there without a hard hat on.

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