Monthly Archives: January 2019

First snow flakes of the Winter

Awoke to a few snowflakes falling this morning though it wasn’t a true snowfall, more like a wintry mix of rain/sleet/snow but it soon completely turned to rain then cleared away by mid-morning to a sunny day.

First snowflakes seen since the ‘Beast from the East’ of last March.

Max temps
23rd 7.9C
24th 8.7C
25th 11.7C
26th 11.2C
27th 8.7C
28th 9.4C
29th 6.3C
30th 6.8C

This month’s mean temperature is running slightly below my eLTA and with 33 mm so far, it will end up drier than normal. Sunshine at 66 hours, so it will be below average by the close of tomorrow.

Another Cloudy Winter Month

December was my dullest recorded with 51.7 hours, and was the 2nd dullest of any month.

This month is continuing in a similar manner though not quite as bad with the total now at 55 hours.

My average January sunshine over the last 13 years has been 81 hours.

I cannot even say ‘at least it’s been mild’ as the mean monthly temperature is slightly below my eLTA.

Dry January

Not the absence of homebrew but the absence of rain…..

Now on our 16th consecutively dry day here. No rain since some drizzle on Xmas Day (all 1.4 mm of it).

And as the DPs have been low, everything has dried up nicely after the December deluges.

Long dry spells are not unusual and 16 days doesn’t even come near any record. My longest consecutive winter dry spell was from December the 13th until the 11th January 2009, a total of 29 days.

Looking at the forecast, this dry spell could continue until the middle of next week or longer

In the Doldrums

Grey, overcast, calm, cold, dry.

Clear, starry skies last night allowed the temperature to fall below freezing before cloud rolled in at dawn this morning and made for a sunless day.

With not a breath of wind to break up the inversion boundary, and no sunshine to warm things up the temperature did not rise above 3.6C here today. Leaving the Otter Valley behind I saw 7C above the IB; tropical.

Very unusual to have a highest maximum so low, and this was the coldest since 0.7C on the 18th March (The Beast from the East). A year or two can go by without the day maximum being so low.

Air pressure reached 1043.2 hPa yesterday, getting near to my record and the highest since 1043.9 hPa on the 27th December 2016.

Still, the air feels crisp and with low humidity, everything has dried up nicely after all that December rain and damp.