Spring 2014 Forecast
An Devon woodland in the Spring - Bluebells galore at Gittisham Woods.

This long-term forecast for the spring of 2014 was updated on Saturday 1st March 2014 concerning the Otter Valley and surrounded low-lying hinterland areas of south-east Devon such as Exmouth, Honiton and over to Axminster in the far east.

Note that this forecast is really a bit of fun and should be taken with a large pinch of salt. Seasonal forecasting is still very much in its infancy and the confidence of this forecast is very low as it is really nothing more than an educated guess!

  After a very unsettled but mild winter things should start to settle down and become drier during March. The tendency for settled, drier than average weather is likely to dominate the first half of spring. From mid-April onwards it may turn slightly more unsettled though remaining warmer than average. As with any other forecast, short cold spells cannot be ruled out but these should be few and far between. The potential for very warm weather becomes more likely towards the end of April and into May (no surprises there).  
Settled weather dominating the first half of the month then becoming slightly less settled but still with plenty of dry and sunny weather. Overall a warm, dry and sunny month.
Forecast Actual
Mean Minimum = 4C (+1.0C)
Mean Maximum = 14C (+3.0C)
Total Monthly Sun = 160 hrs (140%)
Total Monthly Rain = 40 mm (65%)
Mean Minimum = 4.3C (+0.2C)
Mean Maximum = 13.1C (+2.1C)
Total Monthly Sun = 171 hrs (145%)
Total Monthly Rain = 59.8 mm (94%)
Mean Minimum = 6C (+1.0C)
Mean Maximum = 15C (+2.0C)
Total Monthly Sun = 180 hrs (120%)
Total Monthly Rain = 60 mm (100%)
Mean Minimum = 6.8C (+1.8C)
Mean Maximum = 15.1C (+1.9C)
Total Monthly Sun = 160 hrs (140%)
Total Monthly Rain = 67.6 mm (111%)
Mean Minimum = 9C (+0.8C)
Mean Maximum = 18C (+1.4C)
Total Monthly Sun = 210 hrs (110%)
Total Monthly Rain = 70 mm (125%)
Mean Minimum = 9.1C (+0.9C)
Mean Maximum = 17.4C (+0.8C)
Total Monthly Sun = 189 hrs (99%)
Total Monthly Rain = 98.6 mm (177%)
April: Becoming a little less settled than March but still a pleasant month with plenty of sunshine and the potential for a few very warm spells making the month end up sunny and warm overall but with average rainfall.
May: A mixed but warm month. A potential for hot, humid and thundery weather to develop at times with plenty of warm sunny days too. Overall a warm or even hot month with above average rainfall and sunshine.

So, overall a warm and sunny spring with a tendency for more, potentially thundery rainfall as the season progresses.

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