A seven day weather forecast for the Otter Valley and surrounded low-lying hinterland areas of south-east Devon such as Exmouth, Sidmouth, Seaton, Honiton and over to Axminster in the far east.
Forecast updated on Friday 9th November 2018.
A 180 view of Jacob's Ladder Beach at low tide on a winter's day.
Home Page A 180 panoramic view of Jacob's Ladder Beach at low tide on a winter's day.
10th Nov to 16th Nov A breezy, if not blustery Saturday with frequent showers will lead into something less unsettled for Sunday then things start to calm down and becoming warmer with some late autumn 'warmth'. A few misty mornings possible before it may turn unsettled again as we go into next weekend. Very low confidence on the breakdown of the mid-week fine weather. AM PM Confidence
(10th Nov):
A rather blowy day with frequent, blustery showers and sunshine. The showers may merge to longer spells of rain.
Minimum = 9C Maximum = 12C Sun = 3 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 6 mm
(11th Nov):
Overnight showers soon clearing to increasing sunny intervals. Breezy.
Minimum = 7C Maximum = 13C Sun = 5 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 2 mm
(12th Nov):
Sunny intervals; a calmer sort of day.
Minimum = 5C Maximum = 12C Sun = 6 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 0 mm
(13th Nov):
Mostly sunny and feeling mild by the afternoon after a cool start.
Minimum = 4C Maximum = 15C Sun = 8 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 0 mm
(14th Nov):
Variable cloud amounts. Low confidence for detail due to the predicted position of a rain band just to the north of the area. Sunnier later.
Minimum = 7C Maximum = 14C Sun = 4 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 0 mm
(15th Nov):
Sunny intervals and feeling warm in the sunshine.
Minimum = 8C Maximum = 16C Sun = 5 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 0 mm
(16th Nov):
A fine start then becoming windy with rain by late evening. Very low confidence.
Minimum = 7C Maximum = 15C Sun = 4 hrs Max UV = 2   Rain = 0 mm
V. Low

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This forecast has been created by an appraisal of computer model outputs widely available on the internet such as GFS & ECWMF and interpreting these with adjustments for local topography and climatology.

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