A seven day weather forecast for the Otter Valley and surrounded low-lying hinterland areas of south-east Devon such as Exmouth, Sidmouth, Seaton, Honiton and over to Axminster in the far east.
Forecast updated on Friday 14th September 2018.
A 180 view of Jacob's Ladder Beach at low tide on a winter's day.
Home Page A 180 panoramic view of Jacob's Ladder Beach at low tide on a winter's day.
15th Sep to 21st Sep Summer is still hanging on and this coming week should see things warm up a little thanks to ex-Hurricane Helene pushing air of tropical origin ahead of it. Very low confidence on whether Helene (which is currently skirting around the Azores) will come close enough to give any wind or rain on Monday evening and night. Cooling down a little later in the week. AM PM Confidence
(15th Sep):
Fine with sunny spells though cloud generally increasing later.
Minimum = 13C Maximum = 22C Sun = 6 hrs Max UV = 5 Rain = 0 mm
(16th Sep):
Mostly fine with variable cloud amounts. Light, patchy rain may occur late morning or early afternoon.
Minimum = 14C Maximum = 20C Sun = 4 hrs Max UV = 4 Rain = 2 mm
(17th Sep):
Ex-hurricane Helene is expected to brush past the far west during the afternoon and evening but the exact position of this storm is very hard to predict as of writing. Current models suggest a warm, humid day becoming breezy later. Updates maybe be issued.
Minimum = 12C Maximum = 24C Sun = 5 hrs Max UV = 6 Rain = 0 mm
(18th Sep):
Breezy with spells of sunshine. Breeze easing later.
Minimum = 15C Maximum = 23C Sun = 6 hrs Max UV = 5 Rain = 0 mm
(19th Sep):
Warm with sunny spells.
Minimum = 13C Maximum = 24C Sun = 7 hrs Max UV = 6 Rain = 0 mm
(20th Sep):
Overnight rain clearing to sunny spells. Feeling cooler and fresher than recent.
Minimum = 8C Maximum = 20C Sun = 6 hrs Max UV = 5 Rain = 4 mm
(21st Sep):
A fine day. Warming up slowly after a cold start.
Minimum = 4C Maximum = 21C Sun = 8 hrs Max UV = 5   Rain = 0 mm
V. Low

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This forecast has been created by an appraisal of computer model outputs widely available on the internet such as GFS & ECWMF and interpreting these with adjustments for local topography and climatology.

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